Connect2Truth Books strongly encourages you to start reading daily.  A proper reading program is an essential part of your Christian walk.  If you don't have a reading program, then it may be time that you turn off that TV, make it a priority, and get started on one.

The Word of God is the primary Book from which Christians should be studying and reading from daily.  We encourage you to start and stick with a program that will have you read through the entire Bible in a year, two years, or three years, whatever it takes.  All good things require effort and the Word of God is no exception.  Make reading your Bible daily priority #1.

We also encourage you to be active in a Bible study as well.  Here the pace is slowed and time is spent studying God's Word in more detail.  The opportunity for Bible study is one of the benefits of being connect to the Body of Christ via a local church.  If you do not currently attend a small group Bible study, the we encourage you to make this priority #2.  Get connected!

Finally, priority #3 would be to read other Christian books as well.  Be prepared to give a ready defense to those that inquire about the hope you have within you.  In addition to our series of books, we recommend reading some of the other apologetic books that are available to you.

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